Who is Payreq

Payreq provides solutions that enable Businesses, Mail Houses and Financial Institutions to send and receive digital bills, payments and documents.

Payreq provides solutions that are designed to integrate easily with your existing systems. We work closely with all our customers to ensure that we offer a bespoke service dedicated to fulfilling your requirements.

Our technology team can work with cloud or stand-alone systems ensuring that you are connected to the systems you want and need. Payreq has developed a rich set of API’s that integrate with your system and require minimal effort and customisation on your part. The result is a solution that is cost effective and quick to market.

If there is additional system specific work to be undertaken we will work withyour technology team to develop the required solution.

Minimal integration effort

The Digital bill and document presentment and payments ecosystem is fragmented and complicated. In addition new technologies and schemes such as Blockchain, New Payments Platforms (NPP) and e-Invoicing are adding more complexity.

Payreq are experts in understanding the global e-Presentment ecosystem and delivering innovative customer focused solutions to the problems that exist. We remove the friction to ensure your documents get delivered.

Our participation in industry working groups and schemes ensures we are at the forefront of the digital presentment and payments ecosystem, developing products that suit customer needs.

Payreq enables Billers to easily send and receive documents/bills by connecting to digital document delivery platforms. These platforms offer enhanced features over traditional post and email, allowing customers to securely receivestore and view documents. 

For a document and bill sender this means that Payreq will deliver their documents and bills to the platform their customer has elected to receive them on thus enhancing the customer experience.

For countries without a central platform Payreq has a generic document and bill presentment solution that can be tailored for each market need.

Where applicable Payreq solutions are designed to integrate easily with existing online banking environments.

Our solutions are country specific and platform agnostic and remove the friction that exists in sending and receiving digital documents and bills.

Digital Bill
& Document Experts


Enabling billing and document delivery

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