Payreq enables Billers (the businesses who send bills), Mailhouses, Invoice creators (Accounting and Invoicing software) and Banks to work together using BPAY View®.

Seamless connections through Payreq onramp to BPAY View®

Payreq provides an electronic ‘on-ramp’ to BPAY View that seamlessly connects your Accounting system, Invoice system or your Mailhouse to internet banking. So your entire invoicing process is accurate, automated, instantly online and highly secure.

Enhanced customer

Customers through online banking receive timely reminders of due payments so they can better manage and pay their upcoming bills, leading to less administration on their part and more timely payments and less needless follow up.

Reduce your costs and improve
on-time payments

Invoicing with Payreq rids your business of costly mailing, lost invoices and undelivered email accounts. Is also proven that customers are more likely to pay on or before time with e-Invoicing reducing your costs of chasing overdue payments and improving cashflow.




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Payreq provides an on-ramp for billers enabling online billing, delivery, reminders to pay and storage via the security of online banking. 

How it works

The customer receives notification of the invoice as well as reminders to pay. The invoice is then stored by Payreq viewable through your online bank
Invoice is sent via Payreq to the customers online bank
The invoice is received at their customers (payers) bank via BPAY View. The customers online bank will then notify receipt of invoice
Biller sends invoice through either their mailhouse, accounting or invoicing software


Payreq can help you by providing you a wholesale delivery channel to BPAY View®. Why invest considerable time and resources in developing BPAY View® integration when Payreq can simply and easily integrate with your customers and BPAY View and allow you to compete with other mailhouses today. 

Payreq can integrate with your software by providing a bridge between you and BPAY View®. Clients can send invoices directly from your software to their clients and can easily track their payments.

This gives your clients a great option for making sure their invoices get to their customers, are not lost or forgotten, and are more likely to be paid on time.

Accounting or Invoicing software provider

Payreq is a Certified BPAY View® Bill Service Provider that provides software as a service for BPAY Billers to enable them to connect with BPAY View and become BPAY View Billers.

Our software is highly secure and only uses onshore (Australian) data services to connect your accounting software to BPAY View®.

Payreq makes it easy to connect your business to BPAY View.
BPAY VIEW is offered by Australia's leading financial institutions including: ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac. 

Who we are

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