Enabling secure digital document delivery


Payreq Invoicing

Payreq provides Billers with the capability to connect to BPAY View to become BPAY View Billers. Our service is highly secure and stores all user data on-shore.

Connect once & send to many

Our proprietary systems integrate perfectly with technology endpoints your customers know and trust such as BPAY.

As new delivery methods become available we will be connectors to those as well. NPP (New Payments Platform) and eInvoicing are on the way!

Our service is highly secure and stores all user data on-shore.


One console to manage all your digital document needs

With Payreq you will know exactly when your customer receives their invoice. 

Your self-managed Payreq console provides you with a real-time view of all data and the ability to extract reports and data as needed.


Full visibility and management of channel registrations

Customers are automatically approved 24/7 whenever they register.

See which customers have registered for which schemes – you can keep track of exactly where documents will be sent.

Manually approve registrations – if the registration data does not match 100% you can override – ensuring only legitimate customers are registered.

Easily deregister customers when they should no longer receive digital documents, for example; if a property changes ownership and rate notices should revert to paper for the new owners.


Full visibility and management of all sent documents

You can see exactly what, when and where a document was sent, allowing you to easily and quickly answer any customer queries.

Fully view and download the sent document – you see the exact document the customer received.


Individualized configuration to suit your needs

Add and remove your staff access and permissions to Payreq as required.

Set individual email notifications – users are informed when events occur in Payreq.

Easily extract reports and data from your Payreq console.

At Payreq we love receiving feedback from our current and potential customers. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.