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Payreq enables billers to send digital invoices to their customers preferred payer app and customers to receive invoices from multiple billers. A payer app is a system a customer uses to receive, view and pay their bills. Like BPAY View, Xero, MYOB, Reckon,government eInvoicing or other accounting software integrations coming soon. 

Payreq sends data, not paper.

A customer receiving a bill on their chosen Payer App is much more likely to pay it on time or early than if received via paper mail or email, improving cash flow and reducing chase up costs. Sending digital invoices is more environmentally friendly and cheaper than printing and posting.


BPAY View is a BPAY service to deliver your invoice data to online banking so consumer customers can easily make a BPAY payment straight from their bank or credit card account without rekeying reference or amount data.

Payreq can connect Billers to the BPAY scheme and send your bills to your customers at over 60 online banks. More at BPAY View.

Contact us to give your customers another option, and we’ll work with BPAY and your Bank to integrate you for digital bill delivery.


Do you have small business customers? 

A third of all invoices in Australia get sent to SMEs. 60% of SMEs in Australia use just a few cloud-based accounting software packages. Payreq connects and can load your bill data straight in.

No waiting for the bookkeeper’s day in the office. No transcription errors. No scanning paper or dragging pdfs. A secure channel and nothing lost. SMEs love free stuff.

Contact Payreq to learn more.



"This Payreq idea is brilliant. I can save hours of data entry. And no errors! How soon before all my clients’ suppliers are on the platform?"

Yelu, Small Business Accountant, Sunnybank


If you want to send digital invoices and benefit from state and federal government commitments to get you paid faster, Payreq can make it happen. Payreq is leading the way to help improve the way you do business with government. This new initiative further expands channel choice on the Payreq digital invoicing platform. More at our blog here.

Or read about global PEPPOL eInvoicing.


Payreq is an Australian and New Zealand Accredited PEPPOL E-invoicing Access Point and Service Metadata Provider


Do you have customers managing multiple accounts? 

You can make their life easier with our Payreq MyBills Agent channel, supporting bulk registration, easy ons/offs, and a range of bulk or individual bill download options to suit their accounting software.

Fleet operators, customers with multiple properties, or managing agents can receive multiple accounts and automatically import the bill data to pay you faster. The Payreq MyBills Agent channel also provides for Biller-side registration of accounts with payer consent, an option that helps you manage digital billing transformation with volume customers.

To hear how other billers have benefited, contact us.


My role is doing accounts for a property management portfolio. My interest is that Payreq can get me all my bills in a single file so I can load them into my accounting software.

With them all coming in one file it is going to save me hours and hours of data entry.

Renee, PRD Nationwide Panania, Receives Digital Rate Notices from Canterbury Bankstown Council

Payreq MyBills Pay

Closing the loop with an easy, pre-filled payment button on your customer’s digital invoice channel is an easy way to further streamline your cashflow. 

But you don’t need a new payment gateway agreement.    

MyBills Payreq Pay is an innovative way to automate card payments using our integrations with your existing payment gateway provider. And at the volume processing fee rate (ad valorem) you have already negotiated for other card payments channels.    

Talk to us about how this works when you setup Payreq delivery for digital invoicing.

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  • Yarra Valley Water 2
  • Logan City Council
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What do our customers think?

"We just send the billing data file to our print house as usual, and Payreq picks out the bills that need to be sent digitally and makes it happen. We have a secure arrangement and a great Payreq management console so we can tell exactly who chose BPAY View, who chose to get the bill straight into their Xero accounting software or wherever. Our rates staff can see when a bill arrived and when the ratepayer looked at it. If they want to change their preferred email delivery address, the customer can do it through the Payreq MyBills system 24/7. But we can see the change and know the receiver was authenticated."

Brian Austin, Revenue Manager at Hornsby Council

"We serve over 1.9 million people and 50,000 businesses and bill some of them every day using digital and paper notices. When our BPAY View connection provider cancelled their service, we needed to respond within less than 6 weeks to avoid massive disruption to our customers. We were frankly surprised at how easy the Payreq implementation was. Their platform interfaces and their team supported all the options we needed to cutover without any dev work our side, just a test cycle. And our customers never noticed."

Abdul Malik of Yarra Valley Water

"Because they took a data stream I already had in place with my mail house, adding new digital delivery options is just a commercial decision. They rang a while back and said I could now send bills straight into my customers MYOB if I wanted. I said sure and they turned it on 10 minutes later"

Robert Smart from Stonnington Council

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