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Payreq MyBills Agent


Agents, like property managers, receive and pay bills for multiple accounts and suppliers.

MyBills Agent enables easy registration and authentication for multiple bills by file upload.

Bills delivered to MyBills Agent can be viewed or dowloaded in bulk or as a data file for easy payer-side management.


What agents think

My role is doing accounts for a property management portfolio. My interest is that Payreq can get me all my bills in a single file so I can load them into my accounting software.

With them all coming in one file it is going to save me hours and hours of data entry.

Renee, PRD Nationwide Panania, Receives Digital Rate Notices from Canterbury Bankstown Council

Why Payreq MyBills Agent?

  • Register up to thousands of bills
  • The process authenticates you as a valid receiver 
  • Self-maintenance to change or add registrations
  • Select from partner property management system provider integrations to automatically upload bill data

Payreq MyBills

Payreq MyBills allows you to receive and manage your bills from multiple billers. You decide which bills from a list of authorised billers you want to receive and Payreq MyBills will automatically let your biller know. The bills will appear immediately when they are sent. You will be notified when a bill arrives. You can see who they are from, when they are due, the amount due, and how they can be paid. 

We support BPAY batch file creation and online card payment from the MyBills platform, saving you time and effort. Historical bills are stored in your account for archive and viewing for 7 years.


Getting Started

Registering to receive your invoices is easy to set up. Check out these step-by-step tutorials on how to do it in just a few minutes.

  1. Create an account at Payreq MyBills
  2. Register to start receiving bills from your biller, entering in their Biller Code
  3. Select MyBills Agent and follow the instructions to create one, more or to load a file of registrations
  4. Often immediately and within 24 hours, the biller will accept your registration
  5. Sit back and wait for your bills to arrive


Forward Payreq MyBills Agent bills to PropertyMe

Receive council and utility bill data straight into PropertyMe from the Biller.  For free!
Save time, effort and errors. 
Watch this video to learn how to get started.

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