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Payreq MyBills & Email


Payers want a choice of invoice delivery channels. Payreq enables managed email registration and distribution of email invoices (with or without attachment) to customers for review and payment. Payers can choose to register and maintain multiple email addresses along with other Payreq-supported digital channels. 

Why Payreq + Email?

Receive bills for free from our list of authorised billers straight into one or more email inboxes

  • Register one or more email addresses
  • The process authenticates you are a valid receiver and the address is correctly recorded
  • Self-maintenance to change or add an email address

Payreq MyBills

Payreq MyBills allows you to receive and manage your bills from multiple billers. You decide which bills from a list of authorised billers you want to receive and Payreq MyBills will automatically let your biller know. The bills will appear immediately when they are sent. You will be notified when a bill arrives. You can see who they are from, when they are due, the amount due, and how they can be paid. 


Getting Started

Registering to receive your invoices by email is easy to set up. Check out these step-by-step tutorials on how to do it in just a few minutes.

  1. Create an account at Payreq MyBills
  2. Register to start receiving bills from your biller, entering in their Biller Code
  3. Refer to a recent bill from your Supplier. Use this to enter information your Supplier needs to authenticate you as the bill receiver
  4. Often immediately and within 24 hours, the biller will accept your registration
  5. Sit back and wait for your bills to arrive

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